Welcome to Tea's WEBSITE!!!


wahoo uh hi I'm Tea !!!! I love old web and kidcore aesthetics, specially ones with celestial themes !!! I LOVE celestial themes !!! I'm Fantoccio (Billie Bust Up), Airy (ONE) and Candy Diver Coolie (Cookie Run) they are ME !!!! I'm also AUTISTIC ! Also i am EL GEE BEE TEE (gender apathetic, lesbian, panromantic)!!!

This is just a goofy liddol website for me to post goofy liddol things... and talk abt things... mostly BLINKIES i LOVE blinkies !!!!!!

I am an ARTIST and I post on INSTAGRAM!!!! please look at it because i need constant validation !!! /hj

Expect this website to change and stuff as I get BETTER at CODING!!! >:)